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Printing and dyeing industry is a big polluter, to make energy-saving emission reduction

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Printing and dyeing industry is a high-energy-consuming industries, a large number of waste heat dissipated, resulting in energy shortages, rising business costs make printing and dyeing this high energy-consuming industries recognize that energy-saving and full utilization of energy is an important measure to achieve sustainable development, then the printing and dyeing industry in several aspects Start to promote energy-saving emission reduction it?

1, most of the fabric dyeing temperature is above 100 ℃, polyester fabric dyeing are above 130 ℃, after the completion of dyeing, dye the cylinder with a lot of waste heat, the need for cooling, in the design of the dye tank, cooling water cooling belt Take the heat

2, fabric finishing After the high-temperature stereotypes cloth, there will be a lot of waste heat, cooling water can be used to cool down, take away waste heat;

3, during the setting machine exhaust gas treatment, in order to improve the treatment effect, the exhaust gas cooling, heat exchanger can be used to take away the heat.

Through the pipeline to collect the above three kinds of hot water, filtered by activated carbon specifically for dyeing, can save a lot of heat. Dyeing and dyeing industry in the technical management level there is a water-saving and decontamination out of line. Process equipment design, management focus on the price index, water, gas and electricity savings, but ignore the comprehensive environmental benefits. If the amount of water is reduced, the cost of chemical substances will be increased and the cost of treatment will also increase. It is a good idea to save energy and reduce pollutant emissions at the source of technology and equipment.

Dyeing and printing industry is a large consumer is also a big polluter, sustainable development has become a hot topic at home and abroad, new technologies and processing equipment for energy-saving emission reduction printing and dyeing has also become the focus of attention. Therefore, we must speed up the printing and dyeing industry, energy-saving emission reduction technology research, promote cleaner production.