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Round screen coating machine manufacturers: a comprehensive inventory of pollution-free printing technology

Period:2017-11-14 17:16:12 Clicks:

Printing and dyeing wastewater decolorization using: 1, adsorption method 2, flocculation 3, oxidation 4, biological 5, electrochemical method, high investment and operating costs, and a temporary solution. In the pollution - treatment - re-pollution - re-treatment of the vicious circle. We envisage whether we can find another way to study the technology of environmental protection, energy saving and water saving. R & D transfer printing technology of zero discharge of natural fabrics (waterless printing) instead of the traditional watermark printing, the transition to dry printing and dyeing, preliminary Effective.

We use renewable and sustainable natural fiber materials (cotton, linen, silk and wool) to save resources and return to nature. Can promote the harmonious development of farming and aquaculture, both water-saving and pollution-free, the industrial structure and the rationalization of resource use will have a profound impact.