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Dyeing machine on the dyeing and dyeing of the relevant introduction

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Generalized leveling refers to the dye in the dyed fabric surface and the uniformity of the distribution of various parts of the fiber dye evenly distributed within the fiber, dyeing machine penetration is divided into the following four cases

(1) In the fiber bundles and fibers evenly distributed, the ideal state

(2) distributed evenly in the fiber bundle, but only distributed on the surface of the single fiber, fiber ring dyeing, approximately uniform dyeing, staining results than the case of a dense

(3) fiber bundle ring dyeing (white core)

(4) Fibers around the fiber ring dyeing or uneven dyeing, non-staining of internal fibers affect the dyeing factor

Dyeing machine classification methods introduced

Dyeing machine dyeing method can be divided into: dip machine, jigger, pad-dyeing machine

Dyeing machine according to the dyed material morphology: scattered fiber dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine, fabric dyeing machine, garment dyeing

Dyeing machine by dyeing temperature and pressure: room temperature dyeing machine, high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine

Dyeing machine by equipment operation mode: intermittent dyeing machine and continuous dyeing machine