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Reduce the noise of textile machinery work!

Period:2017-11-15 09:50:37 Clicks:

Textile machinery is now more popular practical equipment, textile machinery in the process of using the main public nuisance, dust, toxic and harmful gases and harmful substances in the wastewater, the noise is difficult to completely lift, can only be reduced. Xiaobian and below to understand the textile machinery to reduce noise measures:

Textile machinery noise causes of equipment and process factors in two aspects. Noise is a kind of mechanical vibration wave that air is used as a carrier. Most of the textile mills in the workshop, especially mechanical weaving workshop noise is great. In the textile machinery can take measures include: muffler shell wall lining material, with a flexible toothed belt instead of chain drive and gear transmission to improve the accuracy of the movement of parts and balance between high-speed parts and the rack Installation of shock washers and so on. However, some noise reduction measures also bring negative factors such as inconvenient operation and maintenance after installing the soundproof cover, and creatively improving mechanical design is the fundamental measure to reduce noise.