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Flat screen printing machine do you know what it is? Let's see how it works

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First of all, the white tape blank is pasted with white plastic at the predetermined position of the tape, and then the inverter drives the three-phase caged AC induction motor. After the motor is decelerated by the worm gear, the tape is dragged. After the flat net position is stabilized, the flat net frame is tightly pressed against the towel, the thin round magnetic steel rod placed in the net frame is reciprocated and driven by the magnetic field controller below the conveyer belt to transmit the pigment placed in the flat net Hollow pattern printed on the towel. A color pattern is printed, the net frame lifted, the guide belt will be sent to the next position of the net frame stop, start the second color pattern printing and dyeing, until the number of colors (usually 8 to 10 colors) in turn register India finished, a colored towel was completed, while the second towel immediately followed by a towel non-inter-color printing and dyeing, go round and start, continuous operation. After the completion of each towel printing, then sent to the tunnel steam drying room drying, and then edge, finishing, quality inspection, packaging, until the storage factory.