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Textile machinery can also be related to other industrial sectors

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Many people do not know much about textile machinery. In fact, the textile machinery industry is interdependent and mutually reinforcing with many other industrial departments. For example, steel made of needles has better ductility, toughness, necessary hardness, rigidity and elasticity, which requires the metallurgical industry for the rolling of steel for the purpose. Textile machinery supporting the need for the motor industry to provide special motor functions, such as torque motor, stepper motor; high starting torque, high working time rate, can withstand the harsh environment of textile motor; good speed performance DC motor, variable frequency motor Wait. Requires the electronics industry to provide 8000 hours a year to withstand the continuous operation of high-quality components and more sophisticated automatic control devices and microprocessors, micro-computer. Need the petrochemical industry to provide long-term immersion in the lubricating oil of the same deformation and better than non-ferrous oil-resistant synthetic resin used to make transmission parts, bearings and seals, etc .; also need a variety of excellent performance engineering plastics, reinforced plastic instead Increasing resources shortage of wood, or replace the metal to reduce weight and inertia, improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties. Need the rubber industry to provide all kinds of belts, leather roller wrapping materials, aprons, all kinds of buffer parts, also need other machinery industry to provide universal reducer, universal transmission, universal clutch, couplings, brakes and other mechanical parts. In addition, to meet the new technologies, new materials and new structures to be developed in space technology, the automobile industry and the weaponry industry, such as high-precision and high-speed rolling bearings, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, miniature compressed air lines and valves, Inverters, hydraulic transmission and jet technology, but also began to be used in textile machinery to promote its high-speed and high efficiency.