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Dyeing machinery on the lubricating oil requirements?

Period:2017-11-15 09:52:34 Clicks:

Lubricating oil on the role of machinery is great, today we look at printing and dyeing machinery on the requirements of the lubricating oil What?

1, the volume of printing and dyeing machinery and tank volume are small, the amount of oil is also less loaded, working temperature is higher, which requires oil has better thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

2, because of the harsh environment of mines, coal dust, rock dust, water more, lubricating oil will inevitably be contaminated by these impurities, so require lubricating oil should have better rust, corrosion resistance, anti-emulsifying properties; When contaminated, its performance will not change too much, that is less sensitive to pollution.

3, open-air printing and dyeing machinery winter and summer temperature varies greatly, in some areas the temperature difference between day and night is also large, so the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature is small, it is necessary to avoid high temperature, the oil viscosity becomes too low, can not form Lubrication film, play the role of lubrication should not play, but also to avoid the viscosity is too high when the temperature is low, resulting in starting, difficult operation.

4, for some printing and dyeing machinery, especially in prone to fire, explosion in the mines used in some printing and dyeing machinery, require the use of a good flame retardant (fire-resistant liquid), can not use flammable mineral oil.

5, the lubricant requirements of the seal is better, so as to avoid damage to the seal.