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Dyeing machinery is how to drive the overall progress of the printing and dyeing industry?

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It is understood that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held an industrial system shut down backward production facilities, the national working conference called for the end of 2011, from 74 dyeing and finishing lines, bath ratio greater than 1:10 batch dyeing equipment, hot melt dyeing machine and eliminate high energy consumption Backward production technology and equipment behind the type of printing presses, hot water consumption. Due to the country's stricter energy saving and emission reduction targets, it is imperative that the transition and the upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry take place and that the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing machinery are at the forefront.

Dyeing and printing machinery has been significantly improved

After years of development in China, the printing and dyeing industry has greatly increased the level of dyeing and printing technology and printing equipment. The gap between the more advanced domestic printing, dyeing and finishing equipment and the world's advanced level has been narrowing. Specifically reflected in: printing and dyeing production to change the traditional wide range of treatment; efficient short process, printing and dyeing. Dyeing and printing technology; new applications and development of printing and dyeing industry to increase the number of equipment gradually lower bath ratio, lower energy consumption. Equipment automation and control of the level of accuracy and accuracy, not only improve the quality of textiles, but also improve resource utilization and reduce pollutant emissions.

In recent years, printing and dyeing equipment as a whole to the protection of the environment and reduce consumption, energy saving and emissions reduction, saving time and high efficiency, short-stream direction. From the textile market competition in the fabric, dyeing and finishing process is to become the international competitiveness of fabrics, a key determinant of development to adapt to the international high value-added products, advanced science and technology research and development of new printing and dyeing processing Machinery, the general trend of consumer trends led to a new round of fighting in the field of printing and dyeing machinery.

In this, environmental protection, low carbon is now a buzzword and is now advocated in every industry. With the market demand for small quantities and varieties, as well as the growing ecological awareness, modern dyeing equipment is also paying more attention to environmental protection and low carbon. In recent years, printing and dyeing enterprises are actively equipment reform and technological innovation, the introduction of new equipment, new technologies, new technologies, especially in the printing and dyeing enterprises are relatively concentrated in the eastern coastal areas, has reached a world-advanced level of equipment has accounted for a large proportion.

A number of smart domestic printing and dyeing equipment, whether performance or operation, printing, dyeing equipment and humanity, another big development trend.

Dyeing process to determine the equipment process, the stability of the domestic printing and dyeing equipment now, the level of automation is still low, unchanged in the printing conditions, dyeing technology and equipment technology is difficult to be substantially shortened. Based on the expert's opinion, the current more realistic approach is to tap the energy saving, water saving and emission reduction potential of traditional production processes for printing and dyeing machinery, which should be equipped with exhaust gas of waste water and waste heat recovery system to reduce the withdrawal of fresh water; the application of Online inspection and control technology, standard, optimized dyeing and printing processes to reduce waste emissions and concentrations.


The advantages of Fujian, printing and dyeing equipment has been quite impressive since last year, this year the industry continue to retain this a good trend. According to reports, the demand for printing and dyeing equipment increased partly because the country is more stringent mandatory indicators of energy conservation and reduce emissions, so that some companies have been phased out some models of energy-saving and replacement of new and more significant energy conservation and emissions On the other hand, due to the increased demand for velvet fabrics, velvet fabric finishing, the demand for printing and dyeing technology is higher and higher, it is the direct pull finishing, sales of printing equipment. Because this year, Fujian production of circular knitting machine and computer flat knitting machine company sales are also very good.

Dyeing technology upgrade

In the current application and development of printing and dyeing technology more and more advanced. Lesson learned, Shaoxing Dongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd., an independent research and development of digital printing presses, marked as waterless printing and dyeing, the printing company's technology has been successfully developed, hoping to upgrade the dyeing cluster, energy conservation and emissions reduction. Computer-controlled waterless printing machine direct jet dye, additives printed on the cloth to get rid of the traditional printing plate, size, printing and other complex processes, greatly reducing the production cycle.

Recently, Shishi City, printing and dyeing industry independent research and development of automatic weighing system's scientific and technological achievements are to gradually promote both printing and dyeing industry. Automatic weighing system Computer-controlled electronic scales, bar code scanners, formulas can effectively prevent the human factor according to the wrong dye phenomenon, to more than one error range of 100,000. Computer automatic memory function, can prevent duplication According to the material, is directly into the information management of printing and dyeing process material data and ERP management software, associated.

According to the calculation, the size is 3 million meters per month production scale printing and dyeing enterprises, through the use of this system can directly reduce the dye cost of 75,000 yuan a month, still can save about 20% of the additives, printing and dyeing enterprises economic efficiency is very Significant energy savings and emissions reductions. As workers do not need direct access to chemical dyes and additives, which greatly eliminates the dye on the human body, automatic weighing system to fill gaps in the intelligent weighing technology, printing and dyeing industry, the danger of information.

In short, printing and dyeing machinery has been greatly improved in our country and in the entire printing and dyeing industry in transition and upgrading. The printing and dyeing equipment requires the enhancement of efficient, continuous and short-cut dyeing and finishing equipment, energy conservation and reduction of emissions and energy, Resource recycling technology development and increase the level of production automation applications. Backward production capacity, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the healthy development of the printing and dyeing industry is of great significance. Backwardness and technological transformation combined with the promotion of scientific progress and industry technology, promote enterprises to speed up industrial upgrading, accelerate the transformation of our country from large dyeing, printing and dyeing power.